Supervision - Caring for you as you care for others

I understand the joys and challenges that can come with helping people change within therapy. I can support you within clinical supervision, so you feel confident and skilled in your client work.

I know from my experience that good quality supervision is essential to making therapeutic work sustainable and enjoyable. I strive to offer supervision that is both nurturing and skilful.

I believe supervision needs to be a supportive space that focuses on you and your needs as a therapist. Sometimes this might involve developing your skills and expertise in a particular model of therapy (e.g. CFT, DBT, CBT) or with a certain client group. Other times we might focus more on supporting you with the emotional and psychological impact of the work of caring for others. Other times I might encourage you to practice the skills of therapy so you too can learn from the inside out.

I have over 10 years experience as a clinical supervisor. I’ve worked with a range of therapists, including qualified Clinical/ Counselling Psychologists, Counsellors, Nurse Therapists, CBT therapists, Trainee Clinical/ Counselling Psychologists, and Assistant Psychologists.

I am accredited as a DBT Supervisor with SfDBT, so I can also support you to gain your accreditation as a DBT therapist if you would like to travel this path.

I have been recognised by the CMF as a CFT supervisor, so can help you develop your skills as a CFT therapist whether you're starting out or looking to improve your existing CFT practice.

Please reach out if you’d like to discuss your supervision needs and let's consider together whether I would be a helpful supervisor for you.

What My Supervisees Say...

"Shelley is a fantastic supervisor. She is warm, compassionate, supportive and containing. Shelley has helped me develop my skills and private therapy practice by sharing her expertise and experience and guiding me to become a better therapist. I have grown and changed as a result of our supervision and know that I am more adherent to specific models (eg dbt) as well as a better psychologist overall. She creates a supportive, non-judgemental space to explore the impact of the work I am doing and generate coherent, theory driven formulations. I come away from supervision feeling energised, clear about the direction for my clinical work and inspired to learn more."

Clinical Psychologist and DBT therapist

"Shelley has been my supervisor for the past 12 months and I am so grateful she has given me an opportunity to learn from her wisdom and knowledge of CFT. Shelley starts off our supervision sessions with a short breathing practice which grounds me with calmness then, continuous to offer me support through her warm curiosity by checking in to see how I am, and how I am feeling within my client work. I feel safely held by Shelley’s kindness and sensitivity when I express vulnerabilities while I explore my genuine thoughts and feelings around the challenges I face.

Shelley guides me to deepen my understanding of what is evolving within my therapeutic relationships and my client’s presentations. Shelley encourages and challenges me so respectfully, I never feel judged, misunderstood, or fearful to disclose the different parts of me that show up reflecting on my client work. I have gained so much confidence over the past year with Shelley’s compassionate feedback of my growth and development. I highly recommend Shelley as a caring, empathic, and experienced supervisor who I feel so connected to."

Qualified Counsellor, CFT and CBT therapist

"Dr Shelley Kerr is highly organized and dedicated to those she supervises. Supervision was regularly scheduled, tapes were almost always listened to prior to the session, and she was always on the end of the phone for any urgent questions.

Stylistically, Dr. Kerr is so warm, compassionate, validating, and genuine; I really felt that supervision was a comfortable and safe space to talk about my concerns and worries about giving therapy to at times quite high-risk cases.

She is also an incredibly knowledgeable therapist, who is continuingly pushing herself to learn more about compatible therapies, therapeutic techniques, and research to help her clients and the people she is supervising."

Assistant Psychologist
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