Find freedom from difficult emotions,
build your self confidence,
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Compassionate Clinical Psychology

Welcome to Compassionate Change Ltd.

We’re a private psychological therapy service, supporting clients online and in Bristol. If you are looking for confidential, compassionate, evidence-based psychological therapy from professionals drawing on years of training and experience, you’re in the right place.

Reaching out for help is a brave first step towards change and it’s good to see you here. We hope in these pages you’ll find out some more about what we can offer and begin to see whether we are a good match to support you.

We might not know you yet, but we do know change is possible for you. We also know that you’re most likely to be able to heal in a compassionate context.

Compassion is sometimes mistaken for softness, but this is not really what compassion is all about. At its heart, compassion has strength and wisdom.

Our aim is to support you to find your inner strength, draw on, to listen to and develop on your wisdom, so you can find your way to change in the way you want and need to.

Reach out today and let’s consider together how we can support you.

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Nurturing clinical supervision to build your confidence and wisdom as you survive and thrive in helping others.

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Supportive and skilful private psychological therapy, focused on what works and tailored to you.

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Engaging, enriching training that will develop your skills and grow your wisdom.

Compassionate Change Ltd is a private limited company registered at Companies House in England (13612142).

Registered Office: 3 Swan Road, Seaton, England, EX12 2US

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