FAP: Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

FAP is a therapy which changes interpersonal behaviours that might be getting in the way of our goals.

A common problem is that it is often hard to know how others perceive us and our interpersonal behaviours, and we often base our styles of interactions on rules that we learnt growing up - which may not always be relevant or helpful now.

In FAP, the therapist will share how they notice the client interacting and explore if this is part of a more general pattern (e.g. struggling to express feelings, being sensitive to criticism, difficulty asking for what we need). The therapist will be open about how it feels for them when the client does a "new" versus an "old" behaviour, in order to help the client understand the impact of their behaviour and choose how they would like to interact with others.

To find out more about using FAP to work on your difficulties, get in touch and let’s consider if this approach will be helpful for you.

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