CFT: Compassion Focused Therapy

CFT is an innovative, integrative psychological therapy that was developed as a model of the human mind. The CFT model includes us all, therefore it helps us understand how and why we struggle with our mental health, and how we can both alleviate and prevent these difficulties.

CFT is a biopsychosocial therapy, which means we are equally interested in the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to understanding our mind and our mental health.

CFT usually begins with developing a compassionate understanding of your difficulties. CFT has roots in evolutionary psychology, so we understand that many of the ways that our brains and bodies work are the result of the way they have evolved for us. We humans can blame ourselves for many things, so this understanding is important for developing a compassionate relationship with ourselves and our experiences. CFT also draws on the wisdom of neuroscience and developmental psychology.

CFT has proven particularly helpful for people who struggle with self criticism and difficult social emotions such as shame. Self criticism is common to many life difficulties and mental health problems, including depression, social anxiety, anger difficulties, self harm and suicidal behaviour, substance use, trauma and PTSD. CFT has growing evidence for helping release people from the suffering these difficulties can bring.

CFT often involves developing new skills, such as developing your self-compassion skills. We call this component of therapy 'Compassionate Mind Training'. Sometimes this is taught in a separate group skills program.

Often people coming to CFT would like to develop their compassion, but find it hard to put into practice in relation to themselves. Because CFT was designed as a therapy, it has special strategies to help you overcome theses fears and blocks.

If you would like a compassionate approach to your healing journey, get in touch. Let’s consider together if CFT would be a helpful approach for you.

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